Have you tried SD Medical's online Bill Payment Service? With Bill Pay you can pay some or all of your bills online when it is convenient for you. You can set up bills to automatically be paid each month (ideal for bills that are always the same amount) or you can simply log in, enter the amount of the bill and click the submit button to send off payment. You can also schedule some or all of your bills for payment on specific dates.
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SD Medical's bill payment is both versatile and easy-to-use. Once you have signed up and your application is approved* you will simply need to go in and set up your payees and recurring bills. After that you can log in anytime and pay your remaining non-recurring bills by simply entering an amount of each bill and specifying the date you want the bill paid. It's that easy.

No more trips to the post office, no more stamps and no envelopes to lick. And the best part is that you access Bill Pay securely through I.C.U. - our Internet Credit Union.

Registering is easy... Simply login to I.C.U. and click on the Bill Pay button at the top of the page. Then just fill out the registration form.

If you are approved for Bill Pay you will receive notification within a few days. At that point you simply click on the Bill Pay button again, set up your payees and start paying your bills online.

Please note that you must have an SD Medical Federal Credit Union Traditional or Convenience Checking Account to use our Bill Pay service. If you currently don't have an SD Medical checking account open one today by calling 619-641-1100.

Don't wait... Sign up today... And start paying your bills online with SD Medical's new Bill Pay Service.

* Approval is based on past account history, including monthly minimum balance and non-sufficient funds fees. To find out if you qualify simply apply by following the instructions above.

You must have an SD Medical checking account to use our Bill Pay service.

Please see our Fee Schedule for additional information regarding fees associated with our Bill Payment service.